Consigner Info – Preparing Your Items For Consignment


In order for you to get the most money for your items, all clothing must arrive in “new or “gently loved” condition, freshly laundered, free of wear, stains, snags, tears and odor, in season, in style and purchased within the last 2 years. We do not accept Target, Walmart and K-mart brand clothing.


Please have items neatly folded or laid out flat in plastic bins or shopping bags. NO GARBAGE BAGS will be accepted!


All baby equipment/furniture must be CLEAN, DAMAGE and STAIN FREE as well as DUST FREE AND IN PERFECT CONDITION. They must include all working parts and Batteries must be included.


Note: It is against the law to sell recalled items. Please make sure to check that your items have not been recalled and are up to current safety standards: call 1800 638-2772 or by checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at:


We will also check for recall items…..No items that have been Recall will be accepted!!!


No Stuffed Animals unless they are “talking/educational animals” that require batteries.


MyMy’s Closet will take consignment by appointments only. Please contact us at 770- 410-1137 to schedule a time that is convenient for you.


First time Consignors must wait for MyMy’s Closet staff to perform an initial screening of their consignment to return readily apparent “No Thank You” items. Consignor will be contacted to pick up items found having flaws during the entering/tagging process. After you have become a consignor with MyMy’s Closet, you will be able to leave your items by filling out a “Drop and Run” sheet. We will contact you regarding, “No Thank You” items for you to pick up unless you have requested for them to be donated.


MyMy’s Closet shall not be responsible for loss or damage to items consigned due to theft, fire, vandalism or natural disaster.


Look at items as if you were going to purchase them. If you would not buy the item for your child or family member, we don’t recommend you bring those items in.


The better your items look, the more you’ll make! Thank you for choosing MyMy’s Closet for your partner in consigning. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.